Shell Recycling Alliance

Welcome to the Shell Recycling Alliance, where “no shell is left behind.”

Why recycle oyster shells?
Natural oyster shell is the best material on which to raise new oysters and restore oyster reefs. Scientist know that now, but for generations, used oyster shells were used to build roads, driveways and housing construction. More recently the shell has ended up in landfills. Today, is an extremely limited natural resource and a valuable one for improving waterways. Given the critical shortage of shell for use in restoring the Chesapeake Bay’s oyster population, the Oyster Recovery Partnership developed the Shell Recycling Alliance (SRA) to save this extremely limited natural resource.

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You Can Help

The Public
As a member of the public, you can also help by recycling. Click here for a list of locations where you can drop off shell. (view map)

Support SRA Restaurants and Other Businesses
Hundreds of restaurants, caterers and seafood wholesalers help restore the Chesapeake Bay’s oyster habitat by recycling their used shell. If you are a restaurant, consider joinng the SRA. If you dine out or buy seafood, please support businesses that are members. You can also become a “Shells Angels” with a cash donation or other support.

Shell Recycling Alliance members (view map)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Recycled oyster shells are stored at Horn Point Lab Oyster Hatchery in Cambridge, MD, before being used for setting material for spat (new oysters).

Tax Benefits

Businesses and individuals are now eligible to receive a tax credit in Maryland for recycling shell. Learn more below.

Maryland Tax Benefits

Click on the video below to learn more about the Shell Recylcling Alliance.