The Chesapeake Bay must be a priority.

Setting tanks at Horn Point hatchery help oysters grow large enough to live in the Chesapeake Bay.

The time is now to leverage renewed enthusiasm to protect one of America’s most precious natural resources. Even though great challenges lie ahead, we continue to provide innovative techniques and cutting-edge science to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration with our partners as we:

  1. Expand field operations to support the UMCES Horn Point Oyster Lab Hatchery setting pier, capable of producing 2 billion oysters per year;
  2. Assist mother nature to jump-start local wild oyster populations by rebuilding the network of oyster reefs within entire river systems to assist them in natural expansion;
  3. Assist in implementing aquaculture projects as a viable addition to a wild fishery, while concurrently supporting the existing wild fishery; and
  4. Build upon public engagement projects, such as the region’s first oyster Shell Recycling Alliance, to actively provide outlets to energize citizens with a desire to positively impact our Bay.

We are all accountable for achieving a cleaner Chesapeake Bay. The Oyster Recovery Partnership has a strong history of serving a pivotal role in this pursuit. We ask that you join us in the cause. To learn more about ORP’s large-scale efforts by clicking the links below: