Out of Our Shell

ORP is dedicated to educating and informing the public in the Chesapeake Bay region about the importance of the oyster and to supporting other area organizations also working to protect the bay’s health.  Below are our major initiatives:

  1. ORP founded and operates the region’s first Shell Recycling Alliance to engage the public, restaurants and caterers in the race to restore oysters.
  2. ORP supports dozens of like-minded nonprofits with staff, research and resources to continue our committment in support of thought leadership for Chesapeake Bay restoration.
  3. ORP visits dozens of camps, festivals and educational events each year and educates students across the region about the importance of oysters to Bay health. As part of this outreach, we provide an interactive, hands-on “Little Nippers” display to various community events so children can experience oyster tonging and host the annual Mermaid’s Kiss Oyster Fest in the fall.
  4. ORP engages Bay-minded corporations through team building events.
  5. ORP supports the Marylanders Grow Oysters program through which waterfront homeowners care for baby oysters in thousands of cages hanging from private piers.

    Kids have an opportunity to experience oyster tonging first-hand at ORP’s “Little Nippers” Display.

ORP provides Chesapeake Bay-minded groups opportunities to participate in team building events.