Jordan Salafie

Position: Coastal Resource Scientist I
Phone: 443.988.8675
Categories: Staff

Jordan assists the Coastal Resource Team with various monitoring and restoration activities for ORP’s fisheries and oyster restoration programs. Spending most of her time in the field, Jordan assists with oyster plantings, reef monitoring surveys, and commercial fisheries harvest verification. She also helps with data management, analysis and report writing, and education and community outreach events.

Jordan was a first mate for two years on a Chesapeake Bay fishing charter before beginning with ORP in 2023. Her passion for wildlife and the Bay community led her to attend Coastal Carolina University where she received a B.A. in Communications, concentration in Journalism and minor in Marine Science. Jordan has performed studies along the South Carolina coast to observe coastal processes and environmental effects on marine life. After graduation, she lived in Oahu and spent most of her time diving with sea turtles and sharks. Her love for all marine life continues to grow with new experiences and adventures.

A Kent Island local, Jordan grew up on the Chesapeake Bay. She still spends most of her time out on the water, at the beach with her two dogs, or enjoying traveling.