Electronic Harvest Reporting

Electronic Harvest Reporting

Timely access to accurate commercial fishing harvest information is critical to effective fisheries management and to support sustainable fishing practices. Historically, accessing this information has limited the ability of managers to update fishery regulations and address fishery needs.

Since 2012, ORP has been working with Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Electric Edge Systems Group, and Versar Inc. to develop and maintain an electronic harvest reporting platform - the Fishing Activity and Catching Tracking System (FACTSTM). E-reporting with FACTS allows watermen to submit harvest reports directly to Maryland Department of Natural Resources on the day of harvest.

Reporting harvest in FACTS has many benefits for watermen as well. Participants only have to use the system on days they fish and can take advantage of several business tools and harvest flexibilities.

Currently, more than 1,000 watermen are participating in the voluntary program and the system accepts over 25,000 trips annually.

Since its inception, FACTS has:

  • Improved harvest reporting, data quality, management, and delivery

  • Improved industry accountability and communication between harvesters and managers

  • Increased business efficiency for industry

  • Improved management of Maryland's fisheries

See all FACTS has to offer, sign-up, and view more details on how it works: Commercial E-Reporting (maryland.gov)

FACTS Timeline

  • 2012

    FACTS developed for Blue Crab fishery

  • 2014

    Finfish commercial harvest reporting added to FACTS

  • 2021

    FACTS expanded for the For-hire charter fishery

  • 2022

    Shellfish (oyster & clam) harvest reporting added to FACTS